Data Information

Welcome to IIOE-2 Metadata Portal....!

This portal provides a quick and user-friendly means by which to identify the various completed, ongoing and planned cruises endorsed by IIOE-2 as well as related scientific activities focusing on the Indian Ocean region.

The metadata records provide basic information about

  • where, when, how and by whom the data has been collected.
  • the Institution(s) where the data is housed and specific scientist (s) to contact if you are interested in getting hold of and using the dataset.

Salient Features of the portal

  • ISO 19115 standards compliant representation of metadata information
  • Utilizes GCMD Science Keywords for controlled keyword search
  • Provides a simple interface for metadata submission, update and search
  • Java EE technologies-based cross platform solution

The portal has two major components:

Metadata Search

You can carry out a search of the Metadata available through-

  • A Spatial search by entering the coordinates of your area of interest or by dragging the cursor over the map provided to define a polygon in your area of interest
  • A Temporal search by providing the D/M/Y of the period of study you are interested in (please note that the portal provides the Metadata details only for the five-year period (2015-20) of IIOE-2)
  • Keyword or free text search
  • dragging (in terms of co-ordinates or though a drag and create polygon

IIOE-2 Metadata User Guide - Please click to view  User Guide /  Download

IIOE-2 Data and Information Policy Document - Please click to view  User Guide /  Download

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