Endorsement Form

Endorsement Form for IIOE-2 Science Activities

The Steering Committee of IIOE-2 invites you to be a partner in the unique global scientific endeavour that is the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2) and to submit a scientific activity to be considered for endorsement under IIOE-2.

Two key documents guide engagement in IIOE-2 (available at iioe-2.incois.gov.in): the IIOE-2 Science Plan (Hood et al., 2015) and the Strategic Framework for the Implementation of IIOE-2 (IPC, 2015). The Science Plan is ambitious and intentionally broad, providing a wide range of scientific themes for your consideration as potential research foci, at national and international scales for the Indian Ocean. The Science Plan includes reference to themes of coastal and regional interests to many Indian Ocean rim countries that may seek to pursue research under IIOE-2. The Implementation Strategy aligns with the Science Plan as a succinct 'guide' for the implementation of IIOE-2, with the specification and implementation of further detail to be overseen by the IIOE-2 Steering Committee.

The endorsement of a scientific proposal or a scientific activity by the IIOE-2 Steering Committee is a recognition of the proposal's or activity's alignment with the mission and objectives of IIOE-2, of its potential for contributing to an increased multi-disciplinary understanding of the dynamics of the Indian Ocean, and of its contribution to the achievement of societal objectives within the of the Indian Ocean region.

As the IIOE-2 develops and the number of participants, institutes and programs involved increases. IIOE-2 will provide the innovation, direction and coordination required to build a critical mass of multidisciplinary science and scientists towards this ambitious and globally important endeavour.

Considering the above and in order to facilitate the endorsement process, it is requested that proponents complete the Endorsement form (below) in English, 10 font Calibri. Please adhere to the length limits specified for the answers (however, you are free to provide additional information for any of the sections by way of addendums or provision of documents/materials, either in Section 6 or as attachments).

Please email your submission to the IIOE-2 Project Office (PO):

Queries may be directed to the PO focal point mentioned above.

Project Endorsement Form