[IIOE2-EP52] Biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen in the Arabian Sea: a contribution to the International Indian Ocean Expedition 2

Lead Investigator :

  1. Birgit Gaye, Institute for Geology, University of Hamburg, Germany

Other Key participants (s):

  1. Samina Kidwai, Director General National Institute of Oceanography, Karachi, Pakistan

Period of Project: 15th September, 2023 - 28th February, 2026

Brief description of the Project:

On the research cruise of R/V SONNE 303 to the Arabian Sea, the strength of the oxygen minimum zone and nitrogen cycling processes will be investigated on different time scales. The stable nitrogen isotope ratios in water and suspended matter samples along with incubation experiments will be used to quantify nitrogen cycling processes. Comparison with archived data will allow to detect recent trends within the oxygen minimum zone. The variability of the oxygen minimum zone and nitrogen cycling in the recent geological history will be reconstructed based on sediment cores.

The aim is to understand the impact of climate change und the anthropogenic disturbances on biogeochemistry and ecosystems and to improve the representation of the region in earth system models and thereby climate predictions in the monsoon region.

The work is related to the cruise R/V SONNE 305 BIOCAN-IIOE2 to the Bay of Bengal led by Hermann Bange (Geomar).

Region of study:

Arabian Sea and Pakistan margin