[IIOE2-EP26] Regional Research Cruises in the Western Indian Ocean

Lead Investigator and other key participant (s):

  1. Dr. Ashley Johnson , Department of Environmental Affairs, Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Dr. Harrison Ong'Anda, (Kenyan Partner), Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

Period of Project: 2017-2020

Brief description of the Project:

The project is aimed at collection of essential ocean observations in a sustained manner along the east coast of Africa, by utilising African research vessels as well as international vessels. The primary aim is to collect enough information to develop a baseline across a number of variables. To that end, South Africa will deploy its research vessels, SA Agulhas II and RV Algoa into the region to address the priorities identified by the various countries in their adjacent oceans.

The first regional cruise by the SA Agulhas II will commence on 18 October to 15 November 2017. At the same time, SA will coordinate with the research vessel Mtafiti from Kenya.

Region of study

East Coast of Africa, including all member states of the IOCAFRICA Sub-Commission