[IIOE2-EP06] A coupled bio-physical, ecosystem-scale, examination of Australia's International Indian Ocean Expedition 110°E line

Lead Investigator and other key participant (s):

  1. Prof. Lynnath Beckley, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Australia
  2. Prof. David Antoine (alternate lead PI), Curtin University, Australia

Period of Project: 2018-2020

Brief description of the Project:

Over fifty years ago Australia contributed to the first International Indian Ocean Expedition by deploying Australian ships along 110°E (off Western Australia) in the south-eastern Indian Ocean to examine the physical, chemical and biological oceanography of this unusual part of the world's oceans. In view of climate change, and as part of the second International Indian Ocean Expedition, we will, in this voyage, put a multidisciplinary, world-leading complement of scientists on board the RV Investigator to undertake an integrated ecosystem study in the oceanic pelagic domain incorporating physical processes, nitrogen sources, primary productivity and food webs. The voyage will contribute to development of mathematical models of ocean ecosystems at this western extreme of Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone.

Region of study:

Fremantle to 40°S:110°E to 11° S:110°E, then to 22°S:113°E (NW Cape) and back to Fremantle.